Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Never too busy to use the Internet

I met with the CEO of Marshall Mechanical today, a local Richmond HVAC troubleshooting and maintenance firm. Sean Cantrell's business is a busy one: everyone is always at a customer's home or business, locating the problems in their air conditioning, furnaces or plumbing. But even with the employees, managers and CEO all working all the time, they still find time to keep their Internet presence better-looking and more useful than any other firm.

Take a look at the website Marshall Mechanical. Very nice, right? Looks good and explains quickly that they service residential and commercial as well as figure out why existing systems don't work. That's great: they've found a website design that works well and they spend time filling it with information you need to decide Marshal Mechanical is the right firm for you.

But they go way further than that. Their website also points to Sean's blog where you can keep up-to-date with the latest news and trends about heating, cooling and saving energy. On top of that, Sean regularly posts tips and resources that could save you money or even your health!

Marshall Mechanical is a big success in a short time due to Sean and his staff and they are giving back to their customers and community by providing lots of information and resources. Well done, Sean!

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